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I’m a multidisciplinary designer based in Berlin with an affinity to graphic design, motion graphics, print design and branding. Working from home since many years.


Here's what I do

Telling stories via visual communication is the cream cheese to my bagel. 

Graphic design

Communicating my customer's values through the digital and print projects


Sometimes less is more. I know when! Designing corporate materials, brochures, catalogues.

Motion Graphics

Best way to explain and inspire people to learn about products or services.

Online teaching

Online courses, webinars, YouTube channels, e-learning. Expert in teaching technologies.

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"If i had asked people what they wanted, they would have said - faster horses'' This sentence is attributed to Henry Ford, but he didn't say that. Most people would rather say "faster modes of transportation". The trick is to ask good questions and understand the answer. My work is based on deep understanding clients' values and recipients needs.


My projects are clean, usable and communicative.


Passionate about explainers, motion graphics and instructional animations.

Web design

Not a world-class expert but I'm able to provide a functional and clean designed website using WP. 


I never quit teaching. I'm just finding better perspectives and opportunities to share my knowledge. 

3D and VR

I recently began my journey into 3D and VR development with curiosity, and endless creativity. Each day brings me new discoveries.

Professional experience

My first work was on the librarian position. Quickly moved to the marketing department and developed as skilled and successful e-marketing director in academic industry. But I've always had the filling I'm missing something. Eventually I started to learn graphic design and that was the best decision I have ever made! Now I work from home for two fine institutions. I'm also ready to new adventures!

Sense Control Sebastian Steckiewicz

In recent years this work has brought me the joy of creating and energy of close cooperation with my clients. 

I brief and advise the client with regard to design style, format, print specs. I set the budget and produce drafts for the review and make revisions based on the feedback received. I also proof designs for errors before printing or publishing them and test graphics across various media. I create a wide variety of things across digital and offline media, such as brochures, books, annual reports, advertisements, presentations and other communication materials, ensuring deadlines are met and material is printed to the highest quality.

Lately, I have been mainly involved in creating content
for the technical and chemical industry. The aim of my projects is
often to explain technology and advertising and marketing in the
b2b sector.

Co-founder of the "Business Workshop" (Warsztat Biznesu) brand. Engaged in consulting in the field of business model, business values, service design and brand management. I conducted dozens of consulting sessions with entrepreneurs using Osterwalder's Business Modeling methodology.

2017 - Current job


Education and Development Center "EFEKTY"

I provide Studia.pl Media Agency with motion graphics, business explainers and video content such as Akademia Belfra YouTube Channel (close to 2 million views, over 10k subs), online courses and other high-quality digital products (e-books, infographics, WordPress websites and landing pages). I cooperate closely with the management incorporating feedback into my projects using an organized review system. I also work as a consultant to company clients, which are the best universities in Poland such as Warsaw University of Technology.

2014 - Current job




Sense control

Co-founder of the "Business Workshop" (Warsztat Biznesu) brand. Engaged in consulting in the field of business model, business values, service design and brand management. I conducted dozens of consulting sessions with entrepreneurs using Osterwalder's Business Modeling methodology.

2017 -  Current Job


The Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry

This was a typical interim management job. In this role, I was responsible for creating an internal crisis report on the main problems of the University image and its marketing environment. As a result of the analysis, I initiated a number of PR activities, such as sponsored articles. My work resulted in the dissemination of knowledge about the advantages of University, as a result, the University took the highest place in the University Rankings. I was a co-creator of television commercials that were broadcasted on national TV Polsat stations.

2013 - 2014


 Trade and Commerce Academy

I coordinated the work of the marketing team and collaborated with outside agencies.  While responsible for the marketing budget I managed to create the new website of the Academy, prepared a printed portfolio of study programmes and led a marketing campaign on national radio and TV. My team was also responsible for digital marketing, including SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Facebook Ads. My work resulted in an increasing number of students.

2012 - 2013


University of Security in Poznań

I was the first teacher at the Faculty in Gdańsk who used innovative and new at this time e-learning tools on a daily basis. Combining teaching and administration work in the University Rector's office I lead the e-Learning implementation programme. I was responsible for the budget, training professors, establishing a Moodle education platform, preparing manuals, creating helpdesk and PR for the project. I was also a member of the organizing committee of the National Science Conferences. I was entrusted to manage digital marketing tasks such as SEO, SEM and Web Traffic Analysis.

2008 - 2012




Sport Academy

Working as a librarian was great but also a little monotonous, therefore besides my regular librarian work, I was engaged in promoting new scientific databases among professors of the Academy as a member of the Team of the Scientific Information Center. Based on UX analysis, I designed the new information architecture and introduced new functionalities to the online catalogue. They became an inspiration to other scientific institutions, implementing my solutions to Gdańsk University Library and University of Technology Library catalogue.



Yacht Club Chojnice

That was my first summer job. I taught sailing to young people from all over the world with very limited language skills. Thanks to this work from nearly 20 years ago, today I feel confident, open and empowered.




What People Are Saying

"The knowledge, experience and abilities of Mr. Michał Januszewski allows him to have a holistic and comprehensive picture of the processes that makes up teaching using online distance learning methods and techniques."

prof. Jerzy Olszewski

Poznań University of Economics

"His classes have an original character and are characterized by high teaching effectiveness, which is confirmed by the opinions of independent researchers with whom Mr. Michał cooperates."

dr Edyta Ślachcińska

The Quality of Education Office Manager, University of Security in Poznań

"A great e-lecturer, an excellent trainer and a dedicated Project Manager."

Karolina Lewandowska

CEO, Education and Development Center "EFEKTY"

"Cooperation with Mr. Michał allows us to increase the attractiveness of the website, bringing the user closer to information resources and increasing the functionality of the website. "

Jadwiga Ratkowska

Director, Director of the Academy of Physical Education and Sport

"Great graphic designer! He proposed unconventional solutions thanks to which I gained interest in my products. He understands the business well and doesn't lose sight of the communication goals. Thanks to his work, promotional materials perfectly reflected the mission, vision and values ​​of Stockmeier solutions."

Karolina Wojtaszek

Product Manager, Stockmeier

"Mr. Januszewski created and implemented an effective marketing strategy for the university in 2012-2013. Its elements include the implementation of a new university website, refreshing visual communication and the brand of the university, developing advertisements on nationwide radio and television stations, developing a printed catalogue of programmes of study as well as formulating and promoting a wide offer of postgraduate studies. He also created a comprehensive strategy for implementing e-learning at the university. A great man who deals with things from beginning to end! "

Piotr Dwornicki

Chancellor, Trade and Commerce Academy

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