Graphic design

My adventure with graphic design started in Poznań (Poland). I was responsible for the campaign of a new study programme at the university. Unfortunately my designer postponed all deadlines. Situation was difficult but not hopeless. Using templates and a lot of coffee, studying YouTube tutorials I was able to launch the advertisement campaign. That was the story behind my greatest passion and most self rewarding job I’ve ever had.

About Me

Framework of the design process and my values

The design process is a great adventure. It’s a journey where I use a strict route plan, schedule and milestones. Even though I deal with a free creative process, I always work using a set of productivity tools and lean-approach.

My design studio is based on lean office rules

I use Continuous Improvement method over the years

Using Kaizen philosophy in my work I achieve high level of productivity

In cooperation with outside partners im able to use project management, kanban, and agile project management frameworks

Years of experience in working

with the industry standard software

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Internal and external company communication

Understanding mission, vision and company values enables me to create powerful posters, billboards and announcements. Thanks to combining text and symbols, my works are clean and easy to read. I focus on the communication level to build the easy to remember and guiding visual message.

Engaging, informative flyers and training materials

I had an opportunity to create engaging, informative flyers, and training materials that captivate audiences for international trade shows. Through well-organized layout, typography, and visuals, they convey complex information clearly. The designs aim to facilitate learning, making the content more accessible and memorable.

Organic and old-school design for fine chemical company

Stockmeier is a lead German producer and distributor in the chemical industry always looking for providing the best ingredients and world-class support to B2B customers.

In order to strengthen the leading position in the area of eco-friendly, organic personal care cosmetics, I decided to propose traditional printing and cardboard look for trading materials prepared for the trade fair.
This look helps to stress how important it is to formulate clean label products, with the respect for the natural environment and setting up global eco trends.

In this unique look, I designed two folders containing visit cards and two cardboards with example formulations for shower gel and shampoo for children.

These packages provided an unforgettable footprint in the memory of personal care cosmetics producers who visited the Stockmeier stand.

Get all the information in the blink of an eye

Infographics are social media’s secret weapon. They transform data into visually appealing, easily digestible content. They capture attention in crowded feeds, quickly conveying complex information. Visuals enhance engagement, driving likes, shares, and comments. In the age of information overload, they are the key to making the message stand out.

Self-explaining charts and pixel-perfect schemes

Pixel-perfect precision is the backbone of creating informative charts and technical drawings that truly shine. It ensures accuracy and clarity, making complex data and concepts crystal clear. When organized flawlessly, these visuals become powerful tools for conveying information, aiding understanding, and making a lasting impact in various fields, from engineering to design.

Putting the computer aside and drawing by hand

To achieve the best on-screen results, a combination of graphic techniques is often necessary. This process begins with hand-drawn sketches, which are then converted to vector graphics for sharpness, raster graphics for texture, and 3D graphics for depth. The result is a visually captivating image that resonates with viewers.

The upside down title story

Marcin Waldoch’s newest book is about Polish-New Zealand relationships. In polish perspective New Zealand is exactly on the other side of the globe, therefore in the northern hemisphere, we use term antipodes. From ancient Greek, it means “having the feet opposite”. That is the reason for putting one of the title words upside down. It also makes it possible to read the part of this title in New Zealand ;). The Book was published by Kazimierz Wielki University.

Press advertising for amazing roof tiles manufacturer

I’ve designed over 20 press advertisements targeted to a wide area of customers to support the Great Britain market for Traditional. They were printed in many newspapers and professional architectural magazines.  

The goal of my design work was to present the family owned business (over 100 years) as a reliable, environment-friendly producer of hand made roof tiles, which can be used for historic buildings renovation.

I had to write and design a book in two weeks!

In the first weeks of the pandemic lockdown, polish education wasn’t ready for distance learning. Many teachers were looking for quick solutions. For The Education and Development Center “EFEKTY” I did many webinars on Facebook. The growing popularity of the online training sessions for educators prompted us to provide teachers with a distance education guide. The handbook contains introductory material and step by step instructions for teachers with no experience in online teaching. The book was published both in paper and electronic version.

It is not just a product catalog

My goal was to design informative and engaging product catalogue serves as a comprehensive manual, showcasing diverse range my client offerings. With detailed descriptions, vivid visuals, and user-friendly navigation, it empowers customers to make informed choices. This catalogue is the go-to resource for discovering top-quality products and enhancing the shopping experience.

Fighter’s portfolio?

Gruchała Team is a family-owned organisation. In the ring were fighting Kewin’s grandfather, father, sister and few cousins. To start a professional boxing career, Kewin Gruchała had to find a successful promoter. We decided to write and create the boxing portfolio that presents his family background, life story and achievements on Olympic boxing rings. Today Kewin is the youngest professional polish boxer with six wins, zero lost fights and two knockouts. Now I wait for his scheduled fight for European championship belt.

MBA Programme with the focus on Lean Management

Academic Education marketing is a large part of my professional development. I was glad to have the opportunity to create a brochure and other assets for the first Lean Management MBA programme in Poland. The design I provided is extremely clean and communicative. I used pink and green colours, taken from corporate identification of the Lean Management Consulting Group, the partner of this project.

City mayor elections

Political marketing is all about the values. Even the city management and economics are driven by the invisible force of ideologies, pre assumptions and moral curriculum. To identify the political values and present them in an info-graphical way, I conduct three cognitive sessions based on Alexander Osterwalder methodology.

Conclusions are the base for the text. I have used the infographics and schemes to introduce the political platform of Leszek Redzimski, former member of the Polish Parliament and candidate for the Mayor of Chojnice City.

Meaningful events posters

A large part of my work is to create a meaningful and powerful message using just an image. I often use my philosophical background, that helps me to find universal categories on the semiotic panorama of the concepts and symbols. The very best ideas are created outside of the studio during long morning walks with my dogs.


Priests and secret services of the communist state

The subject is not easy. In communistic Poland catholic church was like the moon.

The white side supports the Solidarity movement and gives people hope.

The dark side constitutes a large number of priests cooperating with secret services reporting on their brothers in priesthood, parishioners and families.

I knew that I wanted to use a strict symbol and use only black and white. That is all I needed! One rectangle and white line. The poster was ready


Against the state 

Political science is all about the state, law and politics. What happens if people are opposing not to the political party, not to the government but the state itself? That was the main question of debates and lectures.


Utopia and dystopia. The visions of the future in political sciences

People like dystopian books and movies. We all love to study our future catastrophes. That kind of subversion fascinates social scientist. In recent year I had a great opportunity to design conference identification for Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz.

Boxing show event poster

Although polish boxing isn’t famous around the World and polish boxers are commonly known for the ability to block punches with their face, it’s a popular sport. People like boxing events. In a few hours, they cheer on their fighters and see the artistic programme. On this particular boxing show, the main event was the Michał Wiśniewski concert. He is Polish superstar, present on the stage since early 90′. The design challenge was to find a balance between boxing and singing.

When I’m not in my studio I shoot…

I always try to combine my passions in order to create synergy. A few years ago I participated in my first boxing training. Nowadays boxing is my way to stay fit and active after long sessions in my design studio. It’s also a sport that makes you know your physical and psychological limits. That inspired me to take some photos. That was the origin of my exhibition. On the pictures: Kewin Gruchała with his sparring partner.

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