I love to teach and perform public speaking! In fact, I was also a passionate academic teacher during my work at universities. I graduated in social sciences, theology and philosophy. I like to share my knowledge and let people use my personal experience. I often speak about my own mistakes and failures, because they are valuable sources of self- improvement.

You Tube Channel

Belfer Academy – unique YouTube educational project

It’s easy to create content about science. Colourful laboratories and amazing experiments are simply intriguing and fascinating. Daily work of scholars and students is, unfortunately, nothing like that. My mission in Belfer Academy YouTube channel is to build academic competencies, explain how to write essays, and use computer software for scholars. Have I achieved success in this unpopular and boring area? Look at these numbers!

Close to 3 mln views

Over a 10k subscribers

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Video marketing of the university. Popularizing scientific research.

That was a great experience! I’ve had an opportunity to give a lecture to chancellors, deans and rectors of the biggest polish universities. I love public speaking, in particular, when I can speak as a professional to professionals. Video marketing of Polish universities is a somewhat abandoned field. I developed an universal scheme to analyse videos promoting science. Results of my analysis provide some clarity into a difficult subject. After participating in the lecture participants were able to:

Wisely choose between large number of film formats

Estimate video production budget and amount of resources

Achieve best matching to target group

Easily speak about their project with stakeholders.

Online course

Productivity course

Man learns from his mistakes. In my professional career, I managed to make a lot of them. It was always a learning opportunity. I have been working in a continuous improvement system for many years. My thoughts and conclusions turned out to be valuable. I was offered to create a productivity course. Here are some samples! Feel free to check it up on Udemy!


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Proffesional Tv studio workshop

Aim of this workshop was to create friendly non-judging space for the participants, who are not familiar with the filmmaking process and video equipment. We were able to recreate the whole preproduction, production and postproduction process in three hours! Our special guest was a famous Polish actor.

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