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I have years of experience with filming, lighting and audio recording. Of course, I’m not Martin Scorsese. I record films for commercial purposes, but I have a good eye and I’m able to achieve a good picture, storyline and consistent look. In fact, video production is a big challenge, but the effects that appear in the editing window reward all the hardships.

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Working on a video set can be a mess. Therefore I support my workflow with methods such as 5S, Kanban and PM. It’s important to control the workload, budget and milestones. It helps me to manage the work and always be able to succeed in achieving designated goals.


I ask my clients and myself a very basic question: Why? The answer helps to analyse purpose, target audience, project budget and time chart.


I have a lot of experience with working with a crew and alone. I’m a focused hard worker. No chaos on the film set.


I have worked with Adobe CC for more than 10 years. Film editing is for me a magical experience with obligatory supply of very good coffee.

I took a project that was too big for a big agency

I thrive on challenges, embracing opportunities to learn programming, automate tasks, and leverage databases in intricate motion graphics projects. These skills amplify my creative prowess and streamline project execution.

350 explainers for

In order to provide the most popular polish website for students with YouTube and Facebook content, I created over 350 motion graphics videos. The aim was to explain all programmes of study available in Poland!

Explainers were made in two versions: YouTube horizontal format and vertical for Facebook. The scale of the project was overwhelming! I had to use an automated workflow, which in fact doesn’t exist. The most important milestone was to develop the algorithms and scripts in order to work with text data.

First, I wrote scripts, fragment them and put them into the database. Parallel work was to create a motion graphic template and connect it to the text database. I also had the pleasure to record the voice voice overs with professional actress . After this, it was only a few weeks of animating, rendering and adjusting.

Now this project lives its own life. Films have millions of views and are used by the universities and schools.

How to visualize a refrigeration unit diagram in an inviting way?

I transformed a dull technical scheme into an engaging, informative animation. By simplifying complex concepts, adding vibrant visuals, and crafting a compelling narrative, I turned what was once uninspiring into an engaging educational experience, making intricate information accessible and captivating.

Check out this short, engaging animation

Through a brief, captivating animation, I illuminated educational mission of my client. Vibrant visuals and concise storytelling convey the commitment to fostering knowledge, inspiring growth, and empowering my client on its mission.

Cinematic Boxing commercial with a positive message

Image of boxing is full of stereotypes – violence, punches and blood. However, only a small part of boxing is visible on the ring. I have created a commercial to support the Boxing Team. The universal values: friendship, honour, power and respect to the opponent are presented and highlighted in this video. In my humble opinion these values are what you really learn in a boxing gym.

We need to explain the business to our clients. Can you help?

Of course! That is what I do! I wrote the script and recorded the voiceover for this explainer. Working on this project was fun! We worked in a design thinking framework. It required the preparation of many prototype charts. In the end I was able to provide the best version to my client!

TV commercial for university

This commercial was broadcasted on a national TV. My part was to negotiate the terms of agreements, conduct a casting, write the script and participate in the shooting and editing process.

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