First steps in 3D

Embracing the world of 3D graphics, modeling, texturing, and rendering has been an empowering quest. Equipping myself with these skills allows me to provide clients with powerful tools to craft exceptional content.

What realy matters?

3D and VR. When the sky is the limit

video without camera

3D animation. The perfect way to showcase a product

3D animation offers an affordable alternative to traditional video filming for product showcases. It delivers compelling visuals, customization, and the ability to demonstrate products effectively, without the cost of expensive filming services. This is also the ideal medium for showcasing products, as it offers dynamic visual storytelling, unparalleled realism, complete control over presentation, and the ability to highlight features from every angle.

When Blender meets the Adobe Illustrator

Hybrid workflow

A hybrid workflow merging 3D-generated images with vector illustration offers a unique blend of realism and artistic freedom, providing diverse advantages such as versatility, scalability, and clean, well-organized design.

Product showcase

From 3D model to fully photorealistic render

Transitioning from a 3D model to a fully photorealistic render brings numerous advantages over traditional product photography, including limitless customization, cost-efficiency, and the ability to showcase products in any environment.

Flexibility and pixel-perfect quality

Using 3D technology to create instructional graphics

3D technology offers unparalleled flexibility in crafting dynamic and immersive instructional graphics, enhancing engagement and comprehension across diverse instructional contexts.

Between specialization and broad horizons

Next step. VR and AR development

The allure of VR and AR lies in their transformative potential. I’m motivated to learn because they redefine experiences, enhance learning, and unlock new realms of creativity. The promise of shaping the future fuels my passion for mastering these groundbreaking technologies.

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