Web design

I like to do some web design occasionally. Not an expert, but I’m familiar with Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla quite well. Not a programmer, but I’m able to set up a good looking and functional web page using themes and plugins. Do you need an example? Check this website.

What realy matters?

My WordPress experience

I have been using CMS systems in my work for many years. I managed to collaborate with web developers in demanding and complex projects, where the specs are such huge as Ulyssess by Joyce. Sometimes you don’t need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

I’m always able to roll up my sleeves and dive deep into web design creating visually attractive, clean and SEO friendly websites. In this process, I take advantage of my graphic design experience and expertise in the field of information architecture (IA).

Website for teachers

How to help teachers during pandemic crisis?

Polish national school system broke down into parts in the first weeks of the pandemic. Teachers were forced to teach and assess pupils remotely. They weren’t familiar with tools, methods and technology. In cooperation with the Education and Development Center “EFEKTY” I built a website and web of services for teachers to help them in their work. Design sprint was extremely fast! I have managed to prepare the website in a few days. In the meantime, the editorial office prepared the content, set up social networks. In one week we were able to bring our idea to life and start to support teachers across the whole country. Until June 2020, we conducted webinars, wrote an ebook and consulted with teachers. Thousands of grateful educators have used our services.

Consulting company services catalogue

Best way to present the workflow used in a consulting company?

The idea was simple – no marketing tricks and fancy words. The aim was to present the detailed portfolio of services and products. This website should be simple and inform the clients what Business Workshop has to offer. This website was more like an info service than a sales engine.

Interim design – Mission imposibile

Landing page for University recruitment office

The project turned out to be a bull’s eye! It was the landing page for the SEM campaign. I managed to start it a few days after I got hired as the chief of the marketing office. The results were outstanding! The numbers were higher than ever before. It’s important that the campaign costs per recruited student were lowest in the history of winter recruitments.

Between specialization and broad horizons

Sometimes you just have to act!

When there is an urgent need and good reason, you have to do something yourself. I don’t hesitate to challenge myself. Thanks to my experience and productivity system I know if I’m able to deliver results in time and estimate the workload. For this reason I cooperated often with professional web developers. I can also manage urgent and important needs. I don’t say that I’m kind of a digital MacGyver, but you should know that I have a lot of audacity to learn and do the job, whatever is needed.

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